Completed House Designed by Canavan Associates in Co. Donegal

A new one-off local family house, designed and certified by Canavan Associates Ltd., in Co. Donegal incorporating high levels of insulation

and airtightness, exceeding current standards on energy conservation.

The building has been fitted with an external free-standing air to water heat pump and a Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MHRV) system.

Uniquely, an innovative on-site system for the filtered rainwater harvest supply covers the demands of the family.

The house has a gross floor area of 315m² and has an energy BER rating of A3.

The standards of the current Ireland Building Regulations are to be further increased and will come into force from the 1st April 2019,

to achieve a new benchmark called: “near Zero Energy Buildings” (nZEB) airtightness with associated mechanical ventilation systems,

high level of insulation and particularly, avoidance of cold bridging will be of more importance to all new dwelling houses.


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